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Cremation Package - Upstate

Direct Cremation Package

$ 925.00

Upstate Cremation Service's direct cremation includes:

  • Basic services of funeral director and staff
  • Transfer of remains to funeral home (*additional fee of $2.95 per mile for transportation outside our 50-mile service area)
  • Sheltering of remains in a climate-controlled environment (for up to five days)
  • Preparation of deceased for cremation
  • Alternative container
  • Cremation fee
  • Cardboard mailer urn

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Additional Services

Please check the box and choose selections below. Required selections are noted with a star.

Expedited Cremation
$ 200.00

Cremation to occur within 48 hours after death certificates and coroner’s permit obtained

Witness Cremation
$ 250.00

Which county is your loved one located?
$ 0.00$ 50.00

Cremation permit prices vary depending on county

Certified Death Certificates
$ 17.00$ 44.00

How would you like to receive the cremated remains?
$ 0.00$ 150.00

Private Family Viewing
$ 150.00

Limited to 5 family members

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Products and Merchandise

Cremation Containers

cardboard-cremation-container R

Cardboard Cremation Container



Upstate - Belmont Wood Urn

Belmont Wood Urn

$ 85.00

Upstate - Classic Gold

Classic Gold Urn

$ 95.00

Upstate - Classic Pewter

Classic Pewter Urn

$ 95.00

Upstate - Alumina Bronze

Alumina Bronze Urn

$ 95.00

Blue Marble Urn

Blue Marble Urn

$ 55.00

White Marble Urn

White Marble Urn

$ 55.00

Pink Marble Urn

Pink Marble Urn

$ 55.00


Temporary Plastic Urn

$ 15.00

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